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The ICU is an expensive place to be, however intensive care is sometimes essential and prolonged. The Sensio chest-patch can bring the ICU closer to home, reducing costs by 75-80% while enhancing comfort. A fully wearable ambulatory device, it seeks to expand tertiary care in India by providing affordable tracking of multiple vitals. This chest patch is equipped with a wireless gateway for online patient management. The aim of the chest patch is to reduce the burden of our medical community by enabling easy monitoring of essential patient vitals at scale through a user-friendly dashboard. This fully wearable device is compact and sleep friendly, ensuring patient comfort.  


Accessing the arterial line (A-line) to monitor BP continuously is an invasive procedure fraught with complications. It can cause distress, sometimes leading to disability or death. The Beat-to-Beat is designed to reduce ICU mortality caused by invasive A-lines. Sensio is developing a non-invasive, wearable, multimodal, continuous monitor for blood pressure. This solution can not only save precious lives but also transform critical care in the ICUs, HDUs, ERs, and OT environments. The Beat-to-Beat can track BP by bringing together multiple modalities like impedance cardiography, electrocardiography, photoplethysmography, oscillometry, and ultrasonography. This real-time data can be accessed remotely through an easy-to-use software, reducing the monitoring time and effort of nurses.

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