AI enabled sensors for smart health and wellness applications.

We develop intelligent devices, modules and algorithms for continuous monitoring of vitals for predictive, preventive and personalised health and wellness solutions.

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Product USP

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Advanced Algo

Advanced algorithms fusing data from multiple sensors ensures reliable biometrics and best estimates of vitals

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Deep AI

Doctor’s decision making aided by convenience of easy data with deep-AI on a dashboard. Helps predict and manage patient outcomes.  

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Peace of mind

Peace of mind for consumers from all-vital, wearable devices, offering comfort, convenience and conformance

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Assured data, 24/7 monitoring, real-time alerts connect family, doctor and patient while saving lives and lowering hospital expense

Our Business Divisions

To diversify the applications of our research, we have three main units.

A smart ring for continuous and accurate remote monitoring of multi-vitals.  
One ring. Many benefits.


Medical-grade devices


Chest Patch
A remote multi-vital monitoring solution that comprises of a wearable chest patch, wireless gateway and online patient management dashboard.

Beat-to-Beat NIBP Monitor
The chest patch is extended to build a highly accurate blood pressure monitoring device for patients who need critical care.


R&D Consulting


We believe that our research and learnings on AI and sensors do not need to be limited to us alone. We equip organizations to move their tech needles with the right support they need.

Our Team


Mohan Prabhakar

Co-Founder | Chief HW-Designer

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Venkatesh Vadde

Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer

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Kenneth Joel

Co-Founder | Chief SW-Designer


Our Advisors

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Michael Foley

Design Partner

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Anjana Vivek

Business Advisor

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GD Jindal

Scientific Mentor

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Alben Sigamani

Clinical Advisor



Sensio Enterprises is a startup recognised under startup Karnataka and has been supported by the department of IT, BT and S&T through the Elevate Idea2PoC program of 2019

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Sensio is sponsored by the Department of Science & Technology through the NIDHI PRAYAS program

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Foley designs is our
industrial design partner

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